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April 26, 2012
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Name: Hyperion Nowa
Age: 312 (Appears to be 25)
Sex: Male
Species: Shinigami
Rank: 6th Division Lieutenant (+ One of two leaders of the Gotei 13 squad Hollow Cavalry)
Height: 6´2 - tall well built tanned
Eyes: Stormy sea blue
Hair: Red + black strand (One thick braid finished with a ying yang pendant the same as Nyx has/ when in shikai/bankai mode his hair are loose)


Hype is a tall well built tanned man with the same red hair as his sister but he has black strand in it while Nyx has white one. His hairstyle is simple, it consist of one braid fixed to one side ending with a ying- yang pendant; same as Nyx has on her braid - the sign of their compatibility (good/bad - dark/light)
He wears a classical tabi with sandals and shinigami shihakusho but his sleeves are tucked up to his shoulder armour plates so they don´t get in the way when he fights. He doesn´t wear typical lieutenant badge like the others but has the sign of the squad printed on his left shoulder armor plate. His obi is also untypical for simple shinigami. It´s not white but yellow, the same colour as his gauntlets. Those are combined in black and yellow colour. The fabric bottom and also the little plates on are black while the tough scaffolding of the gauntlet is yellow. On the black plates there are yellow glowing points emiting energy, able to create electricity.

In his normal lieutenant shinigami state he appears to be quiet well mannered gentleman type of a guy. He doesn´t like fights, and can´t bear much alcohol. He loves flowers particulary yellow tyger lilies. Despite of his personality he can be a bit vicious when it comes to Avalon. As Avalon let Hype know that they never will be friends because of Hype´s body full of static electricity, despite of Avalon being loyal, Hype repays by provoking him and emiting tiny lightning bolts from his gauntlets whenever coming near Avalon.
In his insane state after going shikai and bankai he can´t control his urges. He goes nuts and acts like a crazy psycho maso. He always remember every detail unlike his sister but still can´t do anything about his behaviour. He still has some way to go to fix it.
When meeting an opponent in this state the enemy is exposed to a horryfing view of flying punches with enormous speed and no fear. Hype in this state fights as he doesn´t care of getting hurt or even killed. He just enjoys the blood and brises and wounds.
He is still able to cooperate with Nyx when in team but only thanks to Nyx developing a fighting tactics especial for when Hype´s in his madman state.
All the other members of Hollow riders are adjusted to this and never cross his way when he slays heads. On the other hand the only member of the team - Avalon - needs to be taken away from him as Hype never controls himself emiting a huge aura of reishi combined with electric power and Avalon doesn´t bear this thing very well.


Average knowledge of it he would be better if he considered Kido to be a serious part of fighting. He only uses it in his normal state to prevent the fight. When in insane state he curses at it.

Zanjustsu & Hakuda:
When in normal state he relies more on his speed, as he´s much faster that his sister. This ability even increases when he gains shikai or bankai. His lightning bold speed connected with a well aimed punch are his strongest weapons.

Use of the zanpakuto:
Only in normal state. He doesn´t like to use it very much as he avoids fight as much as possible. When turning shikai and bankai his sword changes and upgrades his gauntlets so he basically doeasn´t use the sword techniques much. He can easily defend himself but is not the best in his shinigami level.


On the level of strongest Captains. His truly strongest ability he posseses - agility.


Name: Rei (Ray)


Release phrase: Ryou Rei (Charge Ray)

The sword disappears and Hype´s gauntlets grow in size. The little lightning points get into the triangle shape emiting much more energy then before. The defensive plates grow thicker but still are light in weight. As he is a close combat type he doesn´t need a sword to his usage.

Release Phrase:  Rei Rakurai Niau (Be strucked by a Lightning Ray)

In this state his gauntlets grow even bigger. They change the colour and become completely black except the triangle shaped points where the lighning reishi flows. As he´s a close combatant he uses his Bankai on a close range. The enemy must be at least 20 metres to him so it can be active. When it is so a huge yellow "Ray wings like" coat grow all around him and his enemy. Hype leads electricity through it as he can elicit the energy and transform it on his own and strucks the victim.
For a long range attack he uses electric "Ray tail like " arrows but since he loves blood and close fight he´s weak at aiming most of the time and almost never uses this technique.

Zanpakuto spirit:
Spirit is a young male with a black fauxhawk which continue to seven ray tails ended with sharp blade pendants. Each tail has a thorn emiting electricity in his end near the metalic pendant which leads the electricity through it. He almost never smiles and when he does he can elude only a psycho grin like his owner. He has a tattoo on his head the shaved part on the left side showing a picture of sun - a sarcastical tribute to his owner. He doesn´t wear clothes. His lower part of body looks like made of  liquid metal. He wears similar gauntlets as Hype but his are just simple protectors as he often covers with his arms which gave him some ugly wounds.
When Hype´s in his normal state they argue because Ray wants to fight and Hype does not. He´s loyal but can be pretty stubborn which may create silly situations.

ORIGINAL CHARACTER : Hyperion "Hype" Nowa

Bleach: Tite Kubo
OC: Me

Here you have the description hope itīs more readable then the last one...itīs again almost one hour and Iīm tired as hell
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Aspect of yin yang and balance, appearances and tactics acknowledged by other characters to optimize fighting strategies, family ties... Before i begin, everyone please acknowledge the originality in not only Hyperion but Nyx Nowa as well. Let's begin.

Appearance: Red hair was to be expected on Hype thanks to his affiliation (brother) of Nyx Nowa, but the black streak in his hair apposed to Nyx's white stripe had me think of one thing: "Ying yang?" And that's when your reflection on both Nowa siblings clicked in my head... originality is already besting with this piece. Another reflection within Hyperion's appearance which i really like as it adds an elegant touch is the ying-yang pendant that is attached to the ending of his braid. All of Hyperion's attire seems fit and customized to not only his fighting style and comfort, but Hyperion's element residing within his zanpakuto (electricity) is seen in the bright yellow trims. The customized attire really bursts in creativity and reflects your concept for originality once again when you have Hyperion be seen with not a normal lieutenant badge, rather he has the symbol embedded within his shoulder guard. Whoever said that looks could kill were clearly right in Hype's case as the points within Hype's plated sections of armor can emit frequencies of electricity.

Characteristics: Hyperion seems to be a very honorable fighter and one to know between good and evil, right and wrong, or at least it would see before he runs wild within the activation of his terrifying crazed state. This is what id reflect in a plot twist, a very cool jaw dropping effect in which i'm sure someone who had just set eyes upon this noble looking lieutenant; only to be shocked upon viewing this man releasing Ryou Rei (his Shikai). Hyperion enters a crazed state upon activation of his Shikai and i sure it would only get more barbaric within the activation of his Bankai. In this state, Hyperion acknowledges his surrounding and remembers what all has happened after the effects of this deranged outbreak. Rushing head first into battle, soul set on causing nothing but bloodshed may seem like a very brutal and barbaric thing to do (even might leave an opening to attack) but who in the hell could land an attack on a series of electrocuted/ powerful punches that are obviously blurred in speed (Shunpo and agility being his highest attributes). One things for certain about Hyperions insane transformation...R-U-N.

Much like Nyx, Hyperion is a "Hollow Rider" and is the master of "Avalon". The cool twist with the bond that Avalon shares with Hyperion is that Avalon despises the electricity in which Hyperion emits, leaving their relationship quite bitter but i'm sure when both are in agreement and needed... the tag team of Hyperion and Avalon crosses their opponents mind as a very lethal combination. The relationship between both rider and ridden seem to be creative and in Hype& Avalon's case very ironic!

Before proceeding onto Hype's abilities and zanpakuto attributes, id like to point out the creative touch you added on his fighting style in the crazed state. Hyperion attacks mercilessly and violently. This possibly can cause collateral damage that is not within his control; therefore the members of the Hollow Riders and possibly the entire Squad 6 have to adjust their fighting style and increase their awareness once their Lieutenant is consumed in this state commonly known within the beast we all call "Kenpachi Zaraki"... good god, Amadalia is going to love this character!

Abilities: I love how Kido is used mainly within Hype's normal state seeing as how when he's in a state for bloodshed, who would want to stop and be patient to speak an incantation? not him! so great idea to have Kido not be too advanced with this character. Zanjutsu and Hakuda would clearly be his top categories, hakuda presumed to be the optimized way of fighting with Hype seeing as how both Shikai and Bankai he uses close quarters combat and his fists are his primary weapon. Speed equipped with stunning electricity and brutal force behind each punch would leave any enemy to get close enough to Hyperion in his Shikai and Bankai state to either pray for mercy or accept their honorable defeat. The changes from Shikai to Bankai are incredible yet i still believe Hyperion's most lethal weapon is the brute force, accuracy and remarkable speed he brings to the fight... making every punch count and with intense strength behind them can also make the close combat fiend a very destructive force.

Congratulation RiamAzariel on yet "stunning" us all with your original and creative characters; speaking on behalf of the individuals to cross this critique i would like to give you a huge pat on the shoulder and say bravo.
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